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Power & Energy Solutions

WR Partners has been supplying its customers with skilled labor including engineers, technical professionals, and contractors to the power, electrical and renewable sectors for years.

As a company we have put ourselves in a position to experience and grow our knowledge in an emerging market of power and energy by providing our customers and candidates with a world-class service. 

Walter Resource Partners has grown a Top Recruit leading reputation in the power and renewable energy markets, with an unmatched experience compared to any competitor in the industry.

Our success has helped us establish who we are as a company today and for the future ahead. By positioning ourselves in the right place at the right time we have had an advantage to provide our customers with successful recruits and crews to help grow the future and build the world we live in.

WR Partners Power and Energy division was started to develop partnerships with its customers to build reputable businesses and organizations around the globe.

Our P&E Recruitment Professionals work in their own niche vertical, within each sector throughout our power and energy divisions. Every Recruitment Consultant at WRP provides value from the given field within their vertical providing our customer or candidate with a hands-on knowledgeable experience. This gives our customers direct access to a massive number of skilled professionals from a variety of sources.

Our model and goal is to provide the top talented professionals. The strength at WR Partners lies in our internal recruitment consultants and because of them we provide satisfied customers and a seamless experience for candidates making a transition.

As Recruitment Consultants at WR Partners we provide our network with expertise for the whole entire life cycle for every project within Power and Energy.

We provide a wide variety of positions in: solar, tidal, bio fuels, bio mass, geothermal, wave, onshore and offshore wind turbine positions, as well as hydroelectricity.

We have the capability to provide a local approach for every customer in the country from all the locations we have worked in. From strategic recruiting searches to cost-effective pricing, we source local top qualified candidates to give us an advantage over our competitors.  

WR Partners offers a variety of management abilities for candidate services, tools, database(s), multi-avenue search and selection, as well as a recorded line services for all customers and candidates. Our recruitment consultants are supported by a heavy administration office within every one of our locations nationwide and are committed and dedicated to make sure everyone involved has a professional experience.

Our recruiting process covers the entire opportunity from start to finish: administration, candidate search, network, referrals, defining selection, screening the candidate, confirming interview, attending interview, offer, drug test, start date assistance, placement, mobilization, paperwork and administration.

WR Partners was started based off our partnerships. Our job is to commit to you no matter who you are and to provide you with the best possible outcome. We are continually improving every day, by training our employees to provide candidates with the best overall experience. We provide professional customer review processes to identify several measures of client and candidate satisfaction. We meet with every single customer and go out on locations to see the job first hand which helps us gather valuable information about every business to figure out the customer’s specific needs. We compile the answers for our candidates and provide him/her with service quality and delivery, to provide trust and confidence in our relationships.

A partnership is built on trust which is our goal in every relationship.

Our commitment in P&E is to provide world-class service to shape our future.